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In 2012, Barn Auctions was established in Great Falls, MT and has since made customer satisfaction a first priority. We are here to provide top-notch estate liquidation and auction services, and answer all of your related questions. Please read the answers to some of my previous clients’ questions, or contact me for more information.

How does it work?
We conduct auctions through the HIBID online platform, which is a national auction platform that allows people from all over the country to view our auctions. This gives us maximum exposure to sell items to a broad audience of customers. We offer shipping on all items listed in our auctions to accommodate customers who are not local to the Great Falls, MT area.


What is the first step?
Because each estate can be unique, our first initial step is to take a look at what items you are wanting to liquidate or sell. From there, we can decide together what steps we need to take to liquidate your assets and put cash back into your pocket.

Can all items be sold through auction?
The deciding factor on whether conducting an auction is the best possible solution for you will be dependent on the type and quantity of items you have. If it is decided items are unable to be sold through auction, or time does not allow, we have other estate sale business contacts who may be able to assist you.

Do items need to be moved to another location, or can the auction be held at the original location?
We can hold auctions at our warehouse location, or we can hold them where the estate is located. If items need to be moved, there will be an additional charge for labor to clean out the estate and relocate items to our warehouse.

What is the time frame for completion of auction?
Depending on the extent of the auction, the time frame for completion may vary. Most auctions will be completed within 3 to 6 weeks from the time of consultation to the end of auction. Most of our time is spent on the HIBID online portal listing the items for auction,  monitoring bidding, and advertising.


What does it cost?

The initial consultation is free. In some instances there could be possible charges for labor and dump fees. The additional fees will be deducted from the auction proceeds once the auction is complete.

What happens with no sale items?
In most cases we have a high sell rate and not very often have items that do not sell. If items do not sell, we will give back to the consigner, donate, or dispose of any remaining items.

What happens at the end of the auction?
If conducting the auction at the estate location, everything will be cleared out and the location will be emptied once the auction is complete. A check after all commission fees, and any other extra charges (labor, dump fees, etc.) will be sent within 10 business days.

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